Climbing good trees

"Woforo Dua Pa a ~

when you climb a good tree, you will be given a push."

With your support

The Promoting Educational Needs (PEN) Network is a UK based initiative set up to support, encourage and promote the development of educational resources in deprived communities in Africa, the Caribbean and other areas of the African diaspora. Inspired by the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol, 'Woforo Dua Pa a ~ when you climb a good tree, you will be given a push, we believe this initiative will blossom with your support.



It only takes £30 a year to support students at our flagship school in Ghana. £5000 to help the school with its running costs; utilities, teacher salaries and general maintenance.

Your little will make big changes!

Our members are all volunteers. We're committed to transforming the lives of young people and know we can do much more with a bigger team. If you share this passion we'd love to hear from you.

Promoting and supporting the educational needs of schools and learning intiatives in deprived communities in Africa and its diaspora. We aim to encourage aspirations and enhance the life chances of young people in these areas.

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