The PEN Network's motto is taken from the adinkra symbol - 'woforo dua pa a - when you climb a good tree you will be given a push.' We invite your support in helping us develop the educational aspirations of children who most need our help. This is your chance to get behind a good cause. Our emphasis on schools in Africa and in the diaspora means we can encourage children to learn about the history and cultures of their own communities. This will help build their confidence and inspire them to be progressive members within their societies. Proceeds from our campaigns go direct to the schools and projects we support.


Simple acts of generosity go a long way. For example, in our flagship project, Odoi Atsem School in Ghana only needs £5000 a year to meet its overall running costs. Its income is from student fees. Each student pays £6 per term to attend the school, but need to buy school uniforms and learning materials. Teachers often leave the school because it cannot afford to pay them when students are unable to pay their fees. A domino effect occurs which we feel with your support can be reversed. Instead of tumbling pieces, your large or small gifts will help to build so many futures.